Industrial Pipefitting

Man cutting a large pipe with a welding torch

About the Career

Pipefitters layout, assemble, install and repair pipelines or pipe systems that carry water, steam, air or other liquids or gases for production and process systems.

Career Outlook

Gulf Coast Industries are investing billions of dollars in capital improvements throughout the Texas Gulf Coast, home to over 200 chemical plants the largest petrochemical complex in the world. COM provides training that support industry demands.

The need for qualified Pipefitters in the Gulf Coast Region is anticipated to grow by 23 percent by 2026. The median hourly wage is $26.52, with entry-level positions below that rate (Source: Workforce Solutions, 2017).

Completers of the Industrial Pipefitting Program may find entry-level careers in:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Commercial

About the COM Program

The Industrial Pipefitting Program prepares students for Entry-Level careers in a high-skill, high-growth occupation. Instructors bring field experience into the classroom to provide technical and hands-on training. Classes meet two nights per week to accommodate work schedules.

The Industrial Pipefitting Program will follow the NCCER curriculum that is recognized by leading industry, construction, maintenance, and national associations. Students who successfully complete the courses will be listed in the NCCER registry that employers access for their recruitment efforts. Students completing this program will receive an Industrial Pipefitting I and II Occupational Skills Award, NCCER and OSHA 10 credentials.

How to Begin

New students must register in person with COM’s Continuing Education Office located in the Technical Vocational Building #5, Suite 1475. Returning students may register by calling the CE Office 409-933-8586, in person or online at

Financial Assistance

  • Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) – Assistance is based on financial eligibility and will pay up to 75% of tuition through COM’s Financial Aid Office.
  • Hazelwood Act – Assistance is available to veterans, their spouses and eligible children and is available through COM’s Student Financial Services/Veteran Affair’s Office.
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) – Assistance is based on financial eligibility and will pay 100% of tuition and books through Workforce Solutions.


  • COM Foundation
  • CCPI – Community College Petrochemical Initiative

Industrial Pipefitting I – Occupational Skills Award

Recommended Course Sequence

Course # Title Hours In-district Out of district

Pipefitting – NCCER CORE

This course is a comprehensive study of NCCER Core for pipefitting students. This course introduces students to basic job site construction safety in residential, commercial and industrial construction. Students will also learn how to select and demonstrate the proper use of hand tools, portable and stationary power tools, and related construction equipment. Students will obtain their OSHA 10 certification and credentials for NCCER Core.

64 $485 $490

Pipefitting – NCCER Level 1

This course is a comprehensive study of NCCER Level 1 for pipefitting. Students will be introduced to the pipefitting trade. They will learn how to use hand tools and power tools associated with pipefitting; identify pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and fasteners; apply mathematical calculations applicable to pipe-fitting installations; identify equipment used in pipefitting such as oxy-fuel cutting, ladders and scaffolds and motorized equipment. Upon completion students will obtain credentials for NCCER Pipefitting Level 1.

Prerequisite: CNBT-1018

96 $575 $580

Pipefitting – NCCER Level 2

This course is a comprehensive study of NCCER Level 2 for pipefitting. Students will identify and demonstrate the use of different piping systems. They will install pipe hangers and supports, sketch isometric views of piping assemblies, interpret piping standard and specification, and use measuring devices and pipefitting trade math. Upon completion students will obtain credentials for NCCER Pipefitting Level 2.

Prerequisites: CNBT-1018 and PFPB-1008

128 $745 $750
Total Hours 288

Required Textbooks

Book Title ISBN
Core Curriculum Trainee Guide, 5th Edition 978-0-13-413098-9
Pipefitting Level 1 Trainee Guide, 3rd Edition 978-0-13-227310-7
Pipefitting Level 2 Trainee Guide, 3rd Edition 978-0-13-227314-5

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