CE Schedule Updates Spring 2019

Last update: 01/03/2019

Change Date Schedule Page Item Change, Update Made
11/30/18 35 ART: FUSED GLASS (ADVANCED). SYN: 2488 SENR-7018-101CL Instructor change: D Deats
11/30/18 35 ART: FUSED GLASS (BEGINNER). SYN: 2490 SENR-7017-101CL and SYN: 2492 SENR-7017-201CL Instructor change: D Deats
11/26/18 33 ART: ADVANCED DRAWING Instructor change: COM Faculty
11/26/18 33 ART: BEADED FASHION JEWELRY (BEGINNER) Instructor change: R. Wilcox
11/26/18 35 ART: CREATIVE GREETING CARDS Instructor change: M. Waller
11/26/18 37 ART: STAINED GLASS (ADVANCED) Instructor change: P. Stettler
12/11/18 N/A PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN Fast Track CEQ219 4023-PLAB-1023-240CL 02/11/19 - 04/30/19; MTTH; 6:00PM-9:00PM; AHC-104; (COM Faculty) New Class Section

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