Electrocardiography and Telemetry Monitoring Certificate

About the Career

Listening to the rhythms of one of the body’s most vital organs, ECG technicians monitor heartbeats and their patterns. ECG technicians (also called EKG technicians) operate ECG machines while monitoring, interpreting and documenting patients’ results. They also maintain and troubleshoot technical problems with ECG machines.

Female patient lying down having and EKG test.

Career Outlook

ECG technicians can find careers in hospitals and clinics and can enhance their marketability by becoming cross-trained in other areas such as phlebotomy or certified nurse assistant. The mean hourly wage for ECG technicians is approximately $15.67.

About the Program

The program trains students to become ECG technicians through a combination of classroom and clinical instruction that prepare the student for employment in the health care setting. Students learn about the different medications used for heart dysrhythmias, how they affect the heart and potential side effects. Students learn in labs and classes and gain connections through clinicals at local health care facilities.

Qualities for Success

As an ECG or EKG technician, you must follow precise instructions to operate the machines and provide quality test results for diagnosis. This requires attention to detail, hand-eye coordination, interpersonal and technical skills, and physical stamina.

How to Begin

An application is required prior to registration:

Applicants need a high school diploma or GED. Consider contacting the ABE office if you do not meet the diploma requirement at 409-933-8294.

Clinical sites require participants to have updated immunizations, background checks, drug screens and verified ID. This cost is paid by the program applicant.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Due to recent changes, students applying for the fall EKG tech program will now be required to submit a background check through Pre-Check, as well as carry health insurance and have a current medical history form on file. Please contact 409-933-8645 for more information.

Course completion requirements

You will be required to attend 90 percent of all scheduled classes, all clinical hours as assigned and maintain an 80 percent or better or coursework. Once completed, students may take the National Healthcareers Association exam to earn the certified EKG technician title.

Course # Title Hrs
ECRD 1011 Electrocardiography And Telemetry (Hybrid) 64
EMSP 1050 Introduction to 12-Lead ECG I Interpretation – Telemetry Monitoring 21
CVTT 1060 Clinical Cardiovascular Technology (EKG) 64

Notice to Students Regarding Licensing

Effective September 1, 2017, HB 1508 amends the Texas Occupations Code Section 53 that requires education providers to notify potential or enrolled students that a criminal history may make them ineligible for an occupational license upon program completion. NOTE: Criminal history checks are required for clinical experience purposes.

Should you wish to request a review of the impact of criminal history on your potential licensure prior to or during your quest for a degree, you can visit this link and request a “Criminal History Evaluation”: https://www.precheck.com/

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