In this varied certificate program students explore how to draft structures, maps, electrical systems and piping. In addition to classes in state-of-the-art labs, students can choose to complete an internship.

The final course allows students to design a portfolio of work to present to potential employers. After completing the certificate, students can enter the workforce or continue to earn the associate degree.

Suggested Study Plan

Semester 1

Course SCH
DFTG 1305 Technical Drafting 3
DFTG 1433 Mechanical Drafting 4
Semester Total 7

Semester 2

Course SCH
DFTG 1445 Parametric Modeling and Design 4
DFTG 1417 Architectural Drafting - Residential 4
DFTG 2419 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting 4
Semester Total 12

Semester 3

Course SCH
ARCE 1452 Structural Drafting 4
DFTG 2438 Final Project - Advanced Drafting 4
DFTG 2423 Pipe Drafting 4
Semester Total 12

Semester 4

Course SCH
DFTG 2381
or POFT 1300
Cooperative Education - Drafting
or Career Exploration/Planning
DFTG 2430 Civil Drafting 4
Semester Total 7

Certificate Total Hours: 38

Gainful Employment Disclosure

College of the Mainland provides gainful employment information about graduation rates, the median debt of students and other important information to all interested persons regarding the College’s certificate programs.

View the disclosure template for the Industrial Drafting Certificate