SGA Officers

  • Samuel Parada


    Samuel Parada comes from Baldwin, New York. He moved to Texas in 2003 with his family seeking a better life. He is currently attending College of the Mainland’s Collegiate High School. He also works in the Student Life Office as a student life assistant. Samuel wanted to become president of the Student Government Association to expand his potential in both leadership and administration, and he figured there is no better place to start than with the Student Government Association. He plans on attending Prairie View Texas A&M to pursue a bachelor's in political science and English. From there he plans on moving to Washington D.C. to attend George Washington University to pursue a Juris Doctorate in national security and U.S. foreign relations law. He hopes to one day work as White House Chief of Staff. Contact Samuel at

  • Jessica Triplett

    Vice President

    My name is Jessica Triplett, but around campus I’m known just as Jessy. I currently live in Hitchcock. I am 29 and a single mom to two amazing little boys. I recently graduated from College of the Mainland with my A.A. in general studies. I was accepted to two nursing programs and decided College of the Mainland would be best. After becoming a nurse, my ultimate goal is to further my studies in the medical field and become a doctor. I hope that I can be somewhat of an inspiration to other students who are in my situation. I love to see people succeed and reach their goals. Becoming vice president of SGA has led to the opportunity to help other students on campus. When I’m not at college or working on school assignments, you can find me where the water is. I love the beach, fishing, boating and jet skiing. I am very honored to have this position, and if you see me around campus, please say, “hey."

    Contact Jessica at

  • Susanne Urban


    Susanne Urban graduated from Dickinson High School in 2014. She began attending College of the Mainland during the spring semester of 2015. At College of the Mainland, she is focusing on her basics and finding a major to pursue. Her dream is to become a lawyer and help others. While attending College of the Mainland for her first semester, she joined the Japanese Culture Club, where she met Professor Alvarez. He invited her to attend the state conference with Student Government Association, where she decided she wanted to be a part of SGA. She wants to help students be active and enjoy their time on campus. Before she joined SGA, she would push away anything that involved her speaking in front of people. However, SGA is a great opportunity for her to develop necessary public speaking skills and be involved with the clubs on campus. Outside of her school life and SGA, she watches Korean dramas, Japanese dramas and animes. She likes to attend anime conventions and make Kumihimo bracelets. If you any questions, seek any advice or just want to have a friendly chat, you can always talk to her.

  • Payton Haslam


    Hello everyone! My name is Payton Haslam and I am now entering my fourth semester here at COM. I went to high school in Arizona and shortly after graduation moved to Texas with my family. During my first semester of college I went to a university on a football scholarship; however, things did not work out there, hence I am now at COM. This year will be my last year at COM, and I felt obligated to participate on campus and work to make a change at this school. No better opportunity presented itself than being approached to run for student government. Earning this position means a great deal to me, and I am very excited about working diligently with the other members of SGA to help make our college better for everyone that is involved.

    I will be continuing my education at the University of Houston, where I will work to earn my bachelor’s degree in sports administration. My goal and passion is to work in collegiate athletics at the highest level and I hope to eventually become an athletic director at a major Division I University. Sports and communicating with people are two things that I have grown up with all of my life and love.

    Altogether, I am just the same as every other person attending college in that we all have our own unique story and are all working to achieve something greater in our lives. College of the Mainland is a great place and offers great opportunities for individuals to get involved with something bigger than themselves, and I sincerely hope that everyone finds that passion they strive to fulfill. If anyone has any questions or would like to just talk about absolutely anything, I will be around the COM campus, ready to talk.

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  • Makenna Henderson


    Makenna Henderson is from Dickinson, Texas. She has lived in Dickinson her entire life and is currently enrolled in Dickinson High School while attending College of the Mainland as a Collegiate High School student. Makenna was a Dickinson cheerleader for five years and is currently working at Crowder-Deats Flower Shop in Dickinson. She will graduate from College of the Mainland in the spring with her Associate of Arts and then transfer to Texas A&M University in College Station to pursue her bachelor's and master’s degrees in business. Makenna loves helping others and tries to bring out the best in the people around her. She joined student government to get involved on campus and to enhance her leadership skills. She looks forward to working with the other student government officers in order to improve students’ overall experience at College of the Mainland.

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  • Tammie Urban


    During my teenage years, I envisioned life as some sort of gypsy, traveling from one town to the next, just long enough to make the money needed to get me to another town somewhere further down the road. This thought came to a screeching halt at the end of my senior year in high school after discovering I was pregnant with my first child. Becoming responsible for someone other than yourself forces a person to snap into reality and grow up quickly, which is what I did.

    Fast forwarding 26 years, I have crossed several rocky roads and have made plenty of mistakes along the way, but I have also been fortunate enough to develop some lasting relationships and have created some wonderful memories through the many opportunities. My first big opportunity career-wise was through a temporary agency shortly after receiving my certificate from a technical school for business. I worked at that same manufacturing facility for about 15 years, learning as much as I could by taking on every challenge that came my way. From there, I starting consulting at a software development company whose corporate office was in Washington state. Although I loved the travel that came with this job, it was ultimately the reason for my next career move. Shortly after accepting a position at an engineering company in Houston, I came to the conclusion that the passion that I once had when going to work was no longer there. It was time for a change, one that requires more knowledge and a degree. This is what brought me to College of the Mainland and what will bring me to a university after completing general studies here.

    Developing new relationships and learning as much as possible during my time in college is of the utmost importance to me. This not only includes learning through classroom instruction but also from other students and faculty members as well. I truly believe that everyone, regardless of age, status or background, has amazing potential to enhance his or her life and the lives of others. Believing this and wanting to connect with the student body is what led me to become an officer of the Student Government Association.

    I am truly honored to have been accepted into the position of student government historian and am excited that I will be working alongside many of you during this next academic year.

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