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  • posted on: Jul 31, 2014


    There is only one evening PE class and it's only one day a week. Will there be any other classes offered for those working all day and who may have class on Monday nights? Role: student


    Thanks for your inquiry.  We will be offering a second night class of PHED 1164 on Tuesday nights, 6:00pm – 8:50pm.

    Please note also that PHED 1164 is offered online, and at present, there is space available in several sections.

    Good luck to you!  I hope that your schedule works out for you.

    Pam Millsap, Ph.D.

    Vice President for Instruction

  • posted on: Jul 23, 2014


    Advising is moving to the Student Center Building - right in the middle, or rather the heaviest part of Fall Registration? Why would you redirect people to register? Wouldn't it be more logical to hold off on the renovations for a few weeks? Say, after the 25th or even after Labor Day! Then it wouldn't seem like we are trying to make things more difficult. As if the Advising departments reputation wasn't bad enough, with making students feel bad; now you're going to make it more difficult for them to see students. Stop and think about how this is student centered? The contractor works for the college, not the other way around, they want the job, they'll do it on our time. What's more important? Role: administration_staff


    Thank you for your suggestion and concern for students as we continue to improve COM’s Student Services’ facilities.  In any renovation project on a college campus, scheduling can be a challenge.  At registration time, particularly, students and staff are the administration’s first concern.  The final phase of renovation to the Enrollment Center building will be postponed until after fall 2014 classes begin to minimize disruption during a very busy time for the Testing Center and Student Success Center.  We are certain that the new facilities will provide added convenience to the community. 

    Vicki Stanfield, Ed.D.

    Vice President for Student Services

  • posted on: Apr 24, 2014


    I was told to register online for TSI testing, I cannot figure out where and how to do this. I am a High school student intending to take dual credit classes. Role: other


    Students can only register for the TSI Assessment in person in the Testing Center, located in the Enrollment Center, RM 158. The TSI Pre-Assessment is online and must be taken before students are eligible to take the TSI Assessment. The TSI Pre-Assessment can be found at

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