Words That Changed History – Speech Contest

Throughout history, words have sparked revolutions, advocated freedom, averted conflict and inspired nations. Any COM student wanting to interpret the words of great orators will be eligible to win a $100 cash prize in COM’s first Words That Changed History Contest.

The final contest will be April 8 at 12:30 p.m. in the COM Learning Center Auditorium. Lunch will be served, and all students, staff and faculty are welcome to hear COM students reprise the speeches that changed the course of history. 

Prizes awarded:

$100 to first place, $75 to second place, $50 to third place and $25 to fourth place. Awards will be in the form of VISA cards.


The following individuals are the four final contestants in the first Words That Changed History Speech Contest. They are listed in order by which the original speech was given.

Individual Speech Date of Original Speech
Samantha Burdick The Golden Speech by Queen Elizabeth I of England 1601
Lidja Bikova On Women's Right to Vote by Susan B. Anthony 1873
Kayla Smith Strike Against War by Helen Keller 1916
Chelsea Murray Mesage to the Grassroots by Malcolm X 1963