COM earns award for blood drives

Posted on: March 08, 2013

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has granted COM the award “College/Educational Group of the Year” for going above and beyond in its blood drives in 2012.
“We have a really rich history of service to the community in this way,” said student life director Mara Cooper, noting that the drive was begun more than 20 years ago by the late Mary Ann Urick, longtime COM employee.
Students, especially those in COM’s Collegiate High School, are excited about giving.
“They love doing it, showing off the arm band, ‘I saved a life,’” said Melissa Judson, who coordinates the drives.  
COM’s two-day drives have been increasingly successful.

“We used to get 80 or 90 (donations per drive). Now we’re getting that in one day,” said Judson.
COM’s last drive had 169 donors, which means that donations saved a total of 507 lives. In addition to giving whole blood, donors may give platelets or bone marrow through a cheek swab.
At the awards presentation at the annual “A Celebration of Life” luncheon at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Judson heard speaker Ann-Marie Servos, who received blood transfusions throughout her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
“It was just nice to hear her story, to know you’re helping people like her,” said Judson.

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