New exhibit at COM Art Gallery

Posted on: September 06, 2012

Kathryn Kelley, creative writer and visual artist, will be presenting an artist talk and poetry writing demonstration at 2 p.m. on Sept. 12 at the College of the Mainland Art Gallery. The gallery will display her poetry and installation art “i dissolve my fabricated seatings” through Sept. 27.  
Using repurposed materials, Kelley created the installation art around the ideas she expresses in her original poem, displayed on cards available in the exhibit. Resembling a faded dining room, the exhibit features hanging artwork constructed from old window and doorframes fashioned into picture frames and suspended from tire rubber. The strategic placement of furniture, such as two chairs with backs turned to each other, visually creates a sense of tension.
“Fundamentally the piece is about relational separation,” she said. “The frames are empty. There’s a sense of absence.”
In both the poem and exhibit she ponders the concepts of evolving memories and broken relationships.
“We don’t really talk about them because they bring up too much hurt,” she said. “We edit our memories.”
Kelley, a former graphic designer, fell in love with writing while taking a required class for her Master of Fine Art at the University of Houston.
“I accidently stepped into my own skin. I had not been writing my whole life—I failed English,” she said. “I started to entertain myself with writing,”
Now teaching at Sam Houston State University, she says that writing and art are interrelated and follow many of the same principles. Just as in art, “if you don’t have space in your writing, it’s a problem,” she said.
For Kelley, writing and art enhance one another, with writing providing ideas for her art and her art visually representing her thoughts.
“They play well together,” she said.

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