Stationery Ordering Process

All stationery and envelope orders now go directly to COM Press, not through the Marketing and Communications Office.

The stationery will be the standard college logo without the department name with the exception of the President's Office and the Vice Presidents. Simply include your department name in the signature area to identify your department. To order stationery, fill out a Stationery Order Form using Omnifill.

Envelopes will no longer include your budget code. Fill out a Post Office Mail Request Form using Omnifill to include your budget number and department with all outgoing mail.

Contact COM Press at ext. 238 or 618 for questions about the stationery ordering process.

Business Cards Ordering Process

Marketing will process business cards on the last Monday of each month. Cards will go to print on Wednesday of that week. If you have not returned the authorization form before noon of that Wednesday, it will be processed the following month. Once it has been sent to print, allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery.

Information on business cards is arranged as follows:


1200 Amburn Road
Texas City, TX 77591
888-258-8859, ext. 000
Fax Number
E-mail Address

There is limited space on the cards. If you want a cell number included, we will leave off the 888 number.

Business cards can be purchased in the following quantities:

  • 250 cards for $16.25
  • 500 cards for $32.50

To order business cards, fill out the following form:

* Indicates Required Fields