Request Forms

Complete the appropriate form below to facilitate your request. Please plan ahead and provide as much lead time as possible. Consult each form for specific advance-notice requirements.

Publications Request Form
Use the Publications Request Form to develop items including brochures, fliers, posters, postcards, certificates, advertisements, booklets, invitations and programs. Requests are logged into the job queue on Mondays.
Employee Directory Request Form
Use the Employee Directory Request Form to add, update or remove an individual from the online employee directory.
Web Request Form
Use the Web Request Form to develop a new website, update an existing website or report an issue on the COM website.
Public Relations Request Form
Complete the Public Relations Request Form to have your information publicized in the newspaper, social media, on-hold messages or newsletters. Please remember that newspapers do not always publish everything we send them.

Business Card Request Form
The deadline for ordering business cards is the last Monday of each month.
Door Plate Request Form
Submit a Door Plate Request Form to have an insert produced for sign outside of your office. Door plates will be processed the 15th of each month.
Nametag Request Form
Order individual nametags with this form.
Paid Advertisement Request Form
Submit a Paid Advertisement Request Form to request we develop a paid advertisement for newspapers, magazines or other print media.
Photo/Video Request Form
Use the Photo/Video Request Form to have photos or video taken for news articles, the COM website, College publications or for COM's stock photography pool.
Promotional Item Request Form
Request promotional items for your department or program by using the Promotional Item Request Form (examples: T-shirt graphics, exhibits, etc.). A purchase order number is required from the Purchasing Office before submitting this form.
Recruitment Equipment Request Form
To check out equipment for recruiting or public events, submit a Recruitment Equipment Request Form.
Recruitment Items Request Form
To acquire COM-branded items to be used for recruitment (community events, trade shows, etc.), complete a Recruitment Items Request Form.