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The Marketing request forms are currently unavailable due to the inconsistency of requests coming through. Please review the list below to make sure your request is shown. If your request is missing please email with your current marketing request intormation. Thank you.

Marketing Request Jobs currently in progress

Publications Request


Student-Donor Table #s
FA Campus Displays
Light Pole Banners
Business cards (5)
Promo-Fine Arts tablecloth
Student Donor Luncheon Invitations
Capital City Clay-Art Gallery
Theatre postage paid envelopes
Theatre reservation
Theatre dated material envelopes
FAFSA apply to COM Email
DC Workforce Programs Handout
Diploma Changes
Admission pubs updated
ABE Wall
Student Planning Module

Web Requests

  • Scrolling photos of diverse employees to HR website

Photo Requests

If you have requested a photo and have not received a calendar eventing/meeting request from Scott Turnbough, please email your photo request details to with date, time and location of event.

Media Requests

Name Tags

Business Cards

Promotional Items

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