CNC Machinist

CNC Machinist

About the Career

Home to over 200 chemical plants and to the largest petrochemical complex in the world, the Gulf Coast abounds with job opportunities for machinists.

College of the Mainland collaborates with local industry professionals to train students for in-demand, high-paying jobs.

Career Outlook

The Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board projects that by 2022 opportunities for CNC machinists will increase 25.3 percent.

Certificate completers in the CNC Machinist Program may find employment in many industries:

  • Petrochemical and Refineries
  • Manufacturing and Production Facilities
  • Energy Exploration
  • Construction Sites
  • Machine and Fabrication Shops
  • Power Plants

About the COM Program

From the titanium screws used in orthopedic implants to steel hardware, machinists craft the building blocks of our world. COM’s CNC Machinist Program prepares students for employment using machine tools to produce precision metal parts.

Students will discover how to set up, operate and disassemble manual, automatic and computer-controlled (CNC) machine tools. Working with instructors with years of experience, they will work from blueprints, sketches or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files.

Held in the evening for students’ convenience, classes combine classroom instruction and work in the lab with lathes, milling machines and grinders.

Certificate – CNC Machinist

COM’s program prepares students for employment utilizing machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines and grinders to produce precision metal parts. Machinist work from blueprints, sketches or computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files to set up, operate and disassemble manual, automatic and computer-controlled (CNC) machine tools.

Employment can be found in a variety of industrial settings such as petrochemical, energy exploration, manufacturing and productions, machine shop, power plants and construction sites.

The need for qualified machinists in the Gulf Coast region is anticipated to grow by 25.3 percent by 2020. The median hourly wage is $18.95, with entry-level positions starting below that rate. (Source: Workforce Solutions, 2014) Financial assistance may be available. Textbook is not included.

Prerequisite: Mechanical Maintenance Technician, Basic Certificate

Course # Title Hrs Cost
MCHN 1041

Basic Machine Shop II

This course is a study of the machine shop, machine parts and their functions. It will focus on select layout tools, techniques, terminology, basic machine setups and shop formulas. It will teach how to perform semi-precision layout, execute grinding techniques, demonstrate basic machine operations and apply proper measuring tools. Prerequisite: Basic MMT Certificate



MCHN 2035

CNC Programming

This course is a study of advanced CNC operations with an emphasis on programming and the operations of machining and turning centers. Prerequisites: Basic MMT Certificate and MCHN 1041

124 $720/$725
MCHN 1026

CAD/CAM Mastercam

This course is a study of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, which is used to develop applications for manufacturing. It will focus on tool geometry, tool selection and the tool library. Prerequisites: Basic MMT Certificate, MCHN 1041 and MCHN 2035



DFTG 2040

CAD/CAM 3-D Solid Model Design and Manufacture

This course is a study of computer-aided modeling. It will focus on the development of 3-D drawings and models from engineering sketches and orthographic drawings and the utilization of 3-D models in design work. Prerequisites: Basic MMT Certificate, MCHN 1041, MCHN 2035 and MCHN 1026

65 $475/$480

How to Begin

New students must register in person at COM at the Continuing Education Office – Technical Vocational Building Suite 1475. Returning students may register in person or online at

Financial Aid

  • Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) – this is a grant based on need.
  • Hazlewood Act – this assistance is available to veterans, their spouses and eligible children.
  • Workforce Solutions Workforce Investment Act – this assistance is based on financial need.



“It’s really neat to be able to take a raw piece of material and change it to suit your needs.”

Troy Gibbs

- Troy Gibbs, COM student and a manager at Accurate Machine Shop

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