Employee of the Month

August 2016

Roger Mora

COM July 2016 employee of the month of Tham Ware

Position: Adult Education Career Navigator

Years of Service: 5

Recommendation: "Roger is thorough and detailed when he speaks to the students about the technical trainings we provide in the Adult Education Department. He is supportive of students’ goals in life, and he gives them all the information they need to know before they enter their career pathway jobs. Roger keeps his word and goes out of his way to help the students continue to go to college. Roger is always positive no matter what outcome. He is a delight to have around COM. He takes the stress off people’s shoulders and lightens the mood in any room. Students love to come by his office when they get a chance to say hello and thank you for believing in them 100 percent. Roger has impacted COM students’ lives generously. His work brings in more students who are unsure about their goals or/and need a quick certificate to start working. Students are inspired by his counseling strategies and the support he gives them to push all the way through to accomplish their goal. Roger gives his all until there are no more options left. Teamwork is his middle name. Roger helps the staff anywhere he goes on campus."

Roger Mora, career navigator, helps all COM students select a pathway for success.

He works in the Adult Education Program, which serves students who are taking English as a second language classes, GED classes and classes to prepare them for the TSI college placement exam.

Besides study skills, Roger shows first-generation college students how to navigate the college system.

“We show them how to find college resources, talk to professors and get financial aid,” said Mora. “We teach them educational lingo and show them where to go on campus.”

He has helped create new supports for students, such as arranging for Collegiate High School students to tutor College Success Academy students preparing to pass the TSI placement exam. Roger also partners with others on campus such as Lisa Hacker of the Speaking, Reading and Writing Center to help students get tutoring and workshops.

At times, students’ needs fall beyond the reach of the college and Roger connects students to further resources in Galveston County such as the Salvation Army or University of Texas Medical Branch.

“I see a diverse group of students everyday,” said Roger. “We’re their cheerleaders. Seeing the students accomplish their goals – even one section of the GED – is what’s rewarding. They start to be independent and succeed on their own and then they just stop by once in a while to say hi.”

He is also an advisor for Vision Seekers, a new student club for adult education students to support each other.

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