WebAdvisor Registration

Search and Register for Credit Classes

  1. Log in to your WebAdvisor account and click on Current Students.
  2. Under Registration, click on Register for Sections. Select the Search and Register for Sections link and click OK.
  3. Select a term (required).
  4. On the Search/Register for Sections Screen select the appropriate term (required) from the term drop-down box. You must also select one additional search parameter:
    • Subject
    • Days of the week
    • Instructor
    When complete, click Submit.
  5. The Section Selection Results Screen lists all courses that meet the search criteria you entered on the previous screen. Here you will select one or more courses that you would like to register for. On this screen, or any screen where the course title appears as a blue link, you will find prerequisite requirements for that course by clicking on the title. When all courses have been selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.
  6. The Register and Drop Sections Screen will display all of the courses you selected on the previous screen listed under Preferred Sections. Using the Action drop-down box, select Register for each section, or you can register for all sections on the list at the same time by selecting Register from the Actions for all Preferred Sections drop-down box. Click on Submit.
  7. Your successful registration will be displayed on the Registration Results Screen. Click OK at the bottom of the page, then log out.

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