Small Business Safety and Health Center

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The Small Business Safety & Health Center is one of the four Centers of Excellence that comprise the Gulf Coast Safety Institute. The Gulf Coast Safety Institute was created to provide area businesses an educational resource for occupational safety & health training.

The Small Business Safety & Health Center is your resource to stay up-to-date on the most current information and trends in occupational safety & health that impact the small business. The Small Business Safety & Health Center focuses on providing occupational safety & health training, education and resources to the small business community in the greater Gulf Coast region and beyond. Perhaps your organization has a training need but you are not sure where to go to have it filled or you find that outside training vendors require too many resources. Contact the Small Business Safety & Health Center to find a flexible, low cost, creative solution. Let us be your resource when others don’t seem to fit.

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A new online course to help you implement your Safety Program

The Small Business Safety & Health Center at the Gulf Coast Safety Institute is now offering an online curriculum to help you understand OSHA’s safety regulations and how they apply to your small business.

“Workplace Safety & Health for Small Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors” is designed with you in mind.

The curriculum is comprised of three levels.  All Levels are taught solely online

Level One:  In Level One there are 6 modules, each with activities designed to add to specific components to your safety and health management system.  Module One introduces OSHA and the impact that OSHA can have on your organization. Module Two teaches what elements are required of a written safety and health program and how to apply that to your organization. In Module Three, you will learn the ins and outs of OSHA Recordkeeping. Module Four will help you really start looking at your organization in terms of hazards. In this module you will complete a hazard analysis of your organization and identify the ways your organization will mitigate or control those hazards. By the end of Module Five, you will have learned the training requirements required by the OSHA standards and have developed a complete training matrix for your organization. Module Six is all about Emergency Action Planning. You will identify the most likely emergencies that your employees will encounter and create an evacuation map and procedure for your employees and you will draft your organization’s emergency action plan.

Level One is offered at no cost.   Once registered, you have 6 months to complete this class.  Once you finish all of the content and the assignments, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.  Completing this course gives you the knowledge required to develop, implement, and manage a safety and health program in your organization.

After you complete Level One, and find yourself wanting something more specific to your industry, register for Level Two.

Level Two is industry specific and is designed to teach you how to integrate safety and health requirements specific to your industry into your daily business operations to keep your employees safe.   Level Two is under construction and the Manufacturing Industry track is set to launch in Spring 2015.  Watch for more details!

Level Three is designed for those who have a mature safety program in place and would like to take it to the next level.  Like Level One, this level is more generic in nature and applies to virtually every industry. By the time you reach this level in the curriculum, safety will be a natural part of your daily operations and you will be looking for even more improvements. This module teaches topics such as the OSHA Challenge Program, OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Status, Management Commitment, Safety Leadership and Employee Involvement, Following Best Practices in Safety and more.


To take part in this opportunity you must:

  1. Call or email Guinn Sharpe at 409.933.8338 or to schedule your personalized kickoff appointment.
  2. Complete the on line learner’s workshop prior to your course start date.
  3. Register for the course.