A.A.S. Fire Technology

Associate of Applied Science, Fire Protection Technology

The AAS degree in fire protection technology is designed to build upon completion of the Fire Academy. Upon successful completion of the Fire Academy, students obtain 24 credit hours towards the degree.

Subsequent semesters in the degree plan include advanced courses that prepare students for first-level supervision in a fire service organization, i.e. fire officer. In addition, these courses assist firefighters in obtaining advanced certifications with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP), which will enhance employment and promotional opportunities in a fire service career.

Fire Protection Technology Associate of Applied Science

Catalog Year 14-15

Semester 1
Course SCH
Semester Total 24
Fire Academy
FIRS 1401 Firefighter Certification I 4
FIRS 1407 Firefighter Certification II 4
FIRS 1313 Firefighter Certification III 3
FIRS 1319 Firefighter Certification IV 3
FIRS 1323 Firefighter Certification V 3
FIRS 1329 Firefighter Certification VI 3
FIRS 1433 Firefighter Certification VII 4
Semester 2
Course SCH
Semester Total 16
FIRT 2309 Firefighting Strategies and Tactics 3
FIRT 2407 Fire Instructor II (TCFP Instructor I & II) 4
GOVT 2305
or GOVT 2306
Federal Government
Texas Government
MATH 1314
or MATH 1332
College Algebra
Math for Liberal Arts
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
Semester 3
Course SCH
Semester Total 10
FIRT 2211 Incident Safety Officer 2
FIRT 1443 Fire Officer (TCFP Fire Officer I & II) 4
CHEM 1405
or CHEM 1419
Introductory Chemistry I
Applied Chemistry
Semester 4
Course SCH
Semester Total 10
Degree Total 60
FIRT 1353 Legal Aspects of Fire Protection 3
FIRT 1471 Fire Investigator 4
Humanities/Fine Arts 3

Fire Academy Credit by Petition

Students who successfully completed the COM Fire Academy as a continuing education program, have obtained certification, and completed six additional credit hours at COM are eligible to file a Petition for Credit for 24 credit hours towards the AAS degree. Contact the Director of Fire Technology to initiate the petition.

Students who have successfully completed a non-COM Fire Academy, have obtained certification and completed six additional credit hours at COM may petition for 24 credit hours towards the AAS degree after passing a competency examination, which is the Fire Academy Final Examination. Contact the Director of Fire Technology to initiate the process.

Texas Commission of Fire Protection Certifications

Several TCFP certifications are embedded in fire technology courses. Upon successful completion of the following courses, students who meet TCFP testing requirements are eligible to take the examination for the associated certification.

Course TCFP Certifications
FIRT 2407, Fire Instructor Fire Instructor I
Fire Instructor II
FIRT 1443, Fire Officer Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
FIRT 2211, Incident Safety Officer Incident Safety Officer
FIRT 1471, Fire Investigator Fire Investigator

Credit by Petition

Students that have completed any of the above TCFP courses and obtained certification at a fire department or other agency may petition that course for credit. The student must complete the following to be eligible to file the petition:

  • Provide documentation the course was TCFP approved
  • Hold current certification from that course
  • Complete six additional credit hours at COM
  • Pass a competency examination for the associated course

Contact the Director of Fire Technology to initiate the petition process.

Course Schedule

Fire technology courses offered in upcoming semesters are listed in the Credit Course Schedule, on the Fire Technology home page in the Announcements section, and on the Fire Technology Facebook page.

Financial Aid

Courses in the AAS degree in fire protection technology are eligible for financial aid grants and veteran’s benefits for those students who qualify. See the Financial Aid home page to file an application. Students must complete a FAFSA (federal financial aid application) to initiate the process.

The COM Foundation does have scholarships available to fire technology students. Students must file an application through the Foundation.

Note: Applications for financial aid grants and scholarships must be filed by specific due dates. Prospective students are advised to complete these applications as early as possible.

Exemption for Firefighters Enrolled in Fire Science Courses

Firefighters currently employed by a political subdivision of the state of Texas, e.g. a fire department, are eligible for an exemption of tuition and fees for credit fire science courses.

Volunteer firefighters that have been active members of an organized volunteer fire department of the state for three years and hold SFFMA Firefighter I and II certification or TCFP Firefighter II certification or equivalent are also eligible for this exemption.

In order to obtain the exemption, students must obtain a letter from their fire chief verifying employment and provide it to the cashiers when registering and paying for courses.

Note: The firefighter’s exemption applies to tuition and fees for credit fire science courses only. It does not apply to general education courses, including those courses required for completion of the AAS degree in fire protection technology.


To enroll in fire technology courses, prospective students must file an online application to become a COM student at the Office of Admissions and Registration and comply with registration requirements. New students will be required to schedule placement tests (unless exempt) and attend COM’s New Student Orientation.

Course Curriculum

All fire technology courses are online and course materials will be completed though the Blackboard Learning System. The following courses also include labs:

  • FIRT 1443, Fire Officer
  • FIRT 1471, Fire Investigator
  • FIRT 2407, Fire Instructor

For these courses, students must complete skills in person. Specific dates that lab sessions meet will be listed in course syllabi.

Before being allowed to enroll in Internet courses, students must complete the Online Learner Workshop, WBCT 1003, a free workshop that familiarizes students with Blackboard. After being admitted to COM, students may enroll for this course through WebAdvisor.

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