College of the Mainland is committed to offering students excellent training, including the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in the workplace. College of the Mainland offers students three work-study programs:

  • College Employment Program
  • Federal Work-Study Program

The primary purpose of the student employment program is to provide financial assistance to students. Also, the work-study employee gains experience in a professional work environment, develops personal and social skills through interactions with coworkers and peers and becomes involved in the College community.

Work-Study Job Description Form

All prospective work-study employers must complete the Work-Study Job Description Form to begin the process of requesting a work-study student employee.

Submit the completed form to the Financial Services Office, Attn: Work-Study Coordinator (Electra Long James) through institutional mail, fax it to 409-935-2435, or drop it off at the office Room A-149 (Enrollment Center). This form will provide the Financial Services Office with the information needed to help match the needs of the hiring department with the most qualified work-study student from our applicant pool. Only one form needs to be submitted per position, but more than one work-study student can be employed in the same job if the hiring department has the need.

If you have questions about the form, please contact Electra Long James at 409-933-8399.

Student Employment Application

To apply, students must complete all parts of the following packet:

Submit completed forms to:

Electra Long James
Student Financial Services Office
Room A-149 (Enrollment Center)
Fax: 409-935-2435

Students will need two forms of identification when submitting the application (e.g. driver's license, birth certificate, Texas ID, Social Security card, COM Student ID). For questions regarding the application, contact Electra Long James at 409-938-1211, ext. 8399.

All students applying for work-study must consent to a criminal background check. Students not approved for employment as a result of the background check will be re-evaluated for placement by the director of human resources or his/her designee. No student can begin working until all required paperwork is completed and reviewed and the work-study coordinator has issued authorization to begin working.