Duck Bills Financial Literacy

Tax Prep Workshop

Get free help with your taxes.

Tuesday, Feb. 7, Anytime from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in TVB 1418

Want your tax refund before April? File your 2016 tax return early for free* during this workshop.

*Free for students who have an income below $64,000.

Download the checklist of what you will need to bring.

What is “financial literacy?”

Financial literacy is knowing how to earn, save, borrow, and spend money.
When you are financially literate, you have the knowledge and skills to:

  • earn or make money
  • save money
  • pay for an emergency expense
  • manage money
  • plan for retirement
  • invest money
  • donate money to help others

How can Duck Bills help me become financially literate?

To help students, Duck Bills and the Financial Aid Office offer the following services:

  • In-class presentations on financial aid or financial literacy
  • Free financial literacy workshops on budgeting, financial aid, loans, saving, or debt
  • A website for accessing online financial literacy curriculum
  • Free, personalized, one-on-one financial coaching sessions for scholarship searches, budgeting, saving, debt, and accessing community resources
  • Fun events with prizes

Did you know…

Financial hardship—not poor academic performance—is the number one reason why students drop out of college.
Learning how to manage your finances can help you stay in school!

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