Continuing Education

Continuing Education

EMS Instructor Course

Offered online, the EMS Instructor Course covers adult learning and frequent EMS situations. To register, visit WebAdvisor and click the yellow box titled "Continuing Education." Click the option "Register and Pay for CE Classes" to access a search list. Search EMSP to see all current course offerings. The instructor course is a section of EMSP-2000.

If you sign up, you will need to do a couple of things:

  1. Email to ensure contact information is correct.
  2. Acquire the book "Foundations of Education: An EMS Approach" (published by Mosby, 2006 version)
  3. Register (in WebAdvisor) and take the (free) Online Learner Workshop (WBCT 1003).

NOTE: This is not an in-and-out, get-a-certification class. It is an in-depth examination of principles of adult education and practice of applying nontraditional techniques to EMS education. See Course Syllabus and Course Outline for more info.

Late Renewal DSHS Skills

For remedial skills, ongoing CE and National Registry testing, register through WebAdvisor (click "Continuing Education" then search for EMSP -1030, "EMT Refresher/Recertification"); follow up by contacting the EMS program director for a schedule.

RN-to-Paramedic Transition

Current registered nurses with at least one year ER or ICU work experience are eligible for a largely self-paced transition program which includes all program competency requirements. The RN to EMT equivalency can be started any time. RN to Paramedic equivalency must be started in the summer semester of the academic year and takes approximately 2 to 3 semesters. Contact Julianne Duncan ( with a copy of your resume to get more information and a personalized plan. See a sample plan: RN Equivalency Sample Plan.

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