ENGL 1301

Credits: 3

This course teaches the principles and techniques of written composition, textual analysis of non-fiction prose, and critical thinking. Activities and assignments include essays, research, and analysis and discussion of assigned readings. Prerequisites: English Language Arts 11th grade exit TAKS scores of 2200 with an essay score of 3; CPT Sentence Skills 80 or higher and CPT Reading 78 or higher plus Essay 6 or higher if taken prior to 6/19/09 or Essay 5 or higher if taken 6/19/09 or after; or credit for ENGL 0360 or ENGL 0390 and CPT Reading 78 or higher. Accuplacer scores will be utilized if TAKS scores are below the TAKS requirement or if TAKS scores are older than three years. Credit by examination available.