Esthetic Specialty Certificate

The Esthetic Specialty Certificate Program is designed to provide the student with a quality education and understanding of proper procedures in order to pass the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations test for licensing in esthetics.

About the Career

The COM Esthetic Specialty Certificate Program trains students to enter a rapidly growing field with job opportunities in salons, day spas, medical spas or cruise ships.

To help others maintain healthy, glowing skin, estheticians provide facial treatments, peels, masks and scrubs. They may also provide facial hair removal treatments, such as waxing, or apply makeup for special occasions.

About the Program

The nine-month program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to pass the state test for licensing in esthetics. Through classes, labs and working at the Salon at College of the Mainland, students prepare to launch thriving careers.

This program begins only in the Fall semester. Full-time students may complete the Esthetician Certificate Program in nine months.

View the COM Catalog online or obtain a print copy of COM Catalog from the Office of Admissions and Records for detailed course descriptions and class prerequisites.

Esthetic Specialty Certificate Courses

Suggested Study Plan

Semester 1

Course SCH
CSME 1420 Orientation to Facial Specialist 4
CMSE 1302 Applications of Facial Skin Care Technology I 3
CSME 2333 Application of Facial Skin Care Technology II 3
CSME 1244 Introduction to Salon Development 2

Semester 2

Course SCH
CSME 1447 Principles of Skin care/Facials and related theory 4
CSME 2250 Preparation for the State Licensing Written Exam 2
CSME 2251 Preparation for the State Licensing Practical Exam 2

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