Accessing College While in High School

CHS is a program for high school students who want to challenge themselves with the more demanding requirements of college-level coursework. After completing high school graduation requirements, all students are required to remain enrolled in math and science classes until they graduate from high school or complete their transfer degree requirements. General studies students (those undecided on a specific college major) remain in four years of math and science courses.

All CHS students develop a graduation plan that covers the four years of high school and two years of college at COM to be sure that they take advantage of all dual credit opportunities. You may view sample graduation plans by clicking on the following links:

College Classes

CHS students are eligible to enroll in any college course for which they meet the prerequisites and have CHS and high school approval.

Dual Credit

Because CHS students are full-time college students, the list of courses for which they may earn dual credit is much larger than for traditional dual credit students. Dual credit courses will be placed on the student's high school transcript. Students must refer to their home high school's student handbook to determine how the grades will be calculated in their GPAs and class ranking. To determine the high school courses for which students may earn dual credit, parents, students and educators should reference the crosswalk of dual credit courses.

Concurrent Credit

Not all college classes have a high school course equivalent. Students may enroll in courses that are not on the dual credit list, but they will receive concurrent credit for these courses. This means that the course will not appear on the high school transcript.

High School Classes

Core Academics

Until students have satisfied lower-level course requirements and/or have met the prerequisites for college-level courses, high school level courses are offered on the college campus. In 2011–2012, students may take English 10, World History, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry and Physics for high school credit only. Which courses are offered each year depends upon students' needs.

Other High School Classes

Students who need classes for graduation that do not have a comparable college course may take them on their home high school campus or through correspondence, TX VSN and/or online through an outside vendor.

Transitions Classes

All students are enrolled in a Transitions I, Transitions II, Transitions III or Transitions IV class each semester that they participate in CHS. Curriculum for this course focuses on preparing students to be successful in college and the workforce. More specific information on these courses can be seen in the following:

Many career discovery activities are included in the CHS Transitions courses. Students develop personal, educational and career portfolios and have access to career development websites.

Industry/Career Mentoring

The Collegiate High School (CHS) Mentoring Program is a partnership between College of the Mainland, students, industry and the business community. It is designed to be a significant component of CHS in order to provide direction, leadership and growth for students to achieve success in life. Each spring many CHS seniors are connected to a member of the community who is currently in the career that interests the student. Monthly meetings allow students to learn more about the career from a real-life perspective as well as to learn the expectations in that career pathway. In addition to monthly activities, the mentoring program ends with a job-shadowing experience for students.

Junior Job Shadowing

During the last two weeks of school, many juniors are connected to a professional in their targeted career pathway. This allows students to determine if the career field is right for them before they invest more time and money in career preparation.

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